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The Aristasia Diaries
A Place to unite the Musings & Diarisings of Aristasians & Friends of Aristasia
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22nd-Oct-2012 10:41 am - New Beginning?
It appears that there has been no activity in this group since 2008. As an act of homage to Our Lady, I shall endeavor to keep this group afloat. I shall make a point of posting links and information pertinent to Aristasia and to worship of Our Lady. I sincerely hope that other members of this group assist me in this effort.

May Our Lady bless you all. 
17th-Oct-2012 02:38 pm - Introduction.
*puts hands together and bows to all*

May Our Lady bless all of you and keep you.

I am known as Brythwen Sinclair, among other names. I have been something of a new follower of Our Lady. I wish to learn more and to devote myself more fully to her. I am most delighted to make all of your acquaintance and sincerely hope that we shall have an earnest friendship.

I thank you for your kindness and time.
4th-Aug-2008 11:18 am(no subject)
Me:  in a subdued moment at the Embassy.  Trying hard to behave!

So the transformation has begun.  Where do I begin?  

After some fumbling with my ordinator, I finally figured out the Second Life thing.  It was only a matter of hours before I found help from the Commander and Miss Sushuri, and this maiden was on her way!  By Sunday evening, my personality began to emerge, and although I still have a crazy fumbling jerky way of moving about, I am on my way.  I only hope I am not too irritating until I get the hang of things.

So many of the girls talk about finding a "homecoming" in Aristasia, and they are correct.  It is a place or purity and gentility, and we can take these lessons with us into the physical world.  I feel calmer, more gentle, more patient.  One need not succumb to the ways of the Pit in order to survive.

2nd-Jun-2008 08:17 pm - A Poppy Party - 21 today!
Marlene Dietrich, Commander, Uniform
It came to the attention of certain ladies of the College that the luscious Miss Poppy was turning 21 today, Monday. The trouble is, it only came to our attention 24 hours before the only possible time for a party.

Miss Yatsenko and I convened a rapid meeting - no, scratch that - we convened a frantic panic meeting over a little competition fishing. There was no question that we had to do *something* to mark the event. But what could be done in no time at all?

We resigned ourselves to being able to produce precious little that could rival the gorgeousness of the guest of honour.  But in true brunette style, we resolved to give it a jolly good try.

Miss Yatsenko found flowers and some of the most glorious dance balls ever to grace Virtualia. She compiled a guest list and sent express telegrams to everybody she could think of. She consulted with the Headmistress over the venue and found some suitable music.

While all that was going on, I ran off to a local builders' yard and threw together a few balloons and a revolving cake.

While the brunettes were running around in a giant flap, exchanging messages in all sorts of private windows, a veritable bevvie of others were entertaining Miss Poppy herself - safely out of the way at the Embassy. We were grateful to all of you girls for looking after Miss Poppy so very well and for keeping the whole event utterly secret. But a special mention goes to Miss Calista who valiantly took the birthday girl off shopping to keep her away from the SCR where decorations were being thrown frantically together for the big event. (Thank you for the carpet removal service between Poppy ports too! Very slickly done, darling.)

Anyway, what it all boils down to is that we were able (with the complicity of an uncharacteristically duplicitous Miss Wardelle) to utterly surprise Miss Poppy with the party of a lifetime. And why not? She gives us the time of our lives every other day of the year.

Here is the evidence that a good time was had by all. Actually, it is more of an homage to Miss Poppy. Well, it was her birthday after all!

Miss Poppy still manages the high kicks even at the advanced age of 21.

Miss Poppy puts the Commander through her paces in a Salsa. She doesn't look very impressed, does she?

Are you all swooning yet? You will be! Just look at this gorgeous Belle of the Ball!

Miss Poppy even inspires the sun to shine in Virtualia.

There is a lot of love between all of us at Sai Thame College. But when Miss Poppy is present, that love just seems to overflow. At this party it was literally popping through the walls!

Thank you for being among us, Miss Poppy.  You are an inspiration and we love you lots.

Have a very happy birthday, darling.
The current record is seven. Left to right, Sushuri Madonna-chei, Lt. Cdr, Strauss, Miss Adele Poppy, Miss Calista Elytis, Miss Padraica Yatsenko, Miss Quixotica Moxie, Miss Tamsin Kessel.

28th-May-2008 10:44 pm - A Slice of Life: Prayer

I wanted to share this beautiful portrait with you. My Tellurian sister, Jaime drew and painted it for me. She is quite handy with graphics. Here, she has drawn me preparing for bed and saying my prayers. In my hands is my rosary, but it is difficult to see in this drawing. They are light blue and I have them, and can hold them in my hand in this world. I made them out of clay Here I am praying for the safety of a soul I loved long ago.

On a more frivalous note, the nightgown in which she has drawn me is what you might call "consummately brunette." Color is very important to Erenites, and purple is considered the color of the melanic sex. Pink is considered more suitable for chelani. I cannot recall if it is similar in Aristasia. I hope you like the drawing. I really did and am quite flattered by it.

28th-May-2008 07:52 pm - Rayati y'all
My but we have been quiet around these parts.

Much of the Family is still in a slightly dreamy haze after the time we spent together in physicalia, plipping through Paris, Lolloping through London and Waltzing through Waltham Abbey.

One way or another some part of the White Rose Family was together for two and a half weeks. Long enough to fall in love with each other (if we hadn't done so already).

But there we are. One can't live in the physical world forever. One has to get back to Real Life sooner or later.

And Real life can be beautiful too. Here is a snapsie of the self dancing with my very dear Big Sister Miss Yatsenko back at the Embassy. Isn't her suit just the most adorable thing? And my frock was a present from dear Miss Kessel.

So many new girls are popping around these days, and the idea of an installation on the ground creeps gradually nearer. First one, then another, then another.

Today waltham Abbey tomorrow TELLURIA.

Well, not all of it. Just enough to establish a - what was that word?

Ah yes.


Shroom out.
17th-May-2008 11:58 am - Hello
Hi tthere. I am an intermorphic soul, a maid, but I am not from Aristasia originally. Is it all right if I post here? I am eager to meet other maids.
Yet another magical room is added to Sai Thamë College.

Even though the formal programme of studies has not begun, the First Floor Classroom has now been created and was hostess to the first monthly Saturday Detention (for any girls who have acquired Order Marks during the month) on - well Saturday. Or Rhavedi as we say.

Was it as Real as the Senior Common Room? Indeed it was all too real.

Here I am, safely out of uniform, surveying the empty room:

The detention was quite full but it is more than my mushroom-top is worth to name names or publish Certain Secret Snapsies!

Life moves so fast! The College is barely established and not dedicated yet, but already we are preparing to move on to bigger lands and better. A large College Complex with Houses, perhaps dedicated to pettes of different Nations is in the very near offing.

Here is the Shroom with some Very Senior Personages surveying some empty land:

Well of course it isn't very interesting. It's empty.

But I shall tell you something. Not wanting Johnny Z. Bongo for a neighbour, there is talk of a Great Island in the Sky.

Now that is interesting isn't it? A product of the geniusity of our Headmistress.

That, as the Honoured Commander said, is why she is the Headmistress and we but minions.

And happy to be, with such a bold, brilliant and beautiful Headmistress!

Shroom out.
21st-Apr-2008 10:48 pm - I Love Lucy!
Alissa Lily
Who wouldn't? Just look at this funny snapsie!

Not having seen this particular episode of I Love Lucy, I have no idea why Miss Lucy seems to be so terrified of her ballet teacher. Perhaps that sturdy cane has something to do with it?

Have any other pettes seen the series, or even this episode?
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